12 point inspection with every sweep/cleaning

CLEANING - Masonry Fireplace

Your masonry fireplace needs regular care and cleaning to assure a safe and efficient fire. Creosote, a flammable tarlike substance that accumulates in the chimney and flue, should be removed by a professional, eliminating the worry of at least one potential fire hazard. A routine cleaning throughout the wood-burning season will eliminate a potentially dangerous accumulation of soot, ashes, and creosote tars.

We cover the area around the fireplace with drop sheets then inspect the fireplace, box, and damper. We close the damper and seal the front of the fireplace with plastic. We then go on roof and remove the chimney cap so we can Inspect the chimney and flue from the roof. We then brush the Flue from the roof using the appropriate cleaning brushes, the smoke chamber is also brushed and cleaned thoroughly. We remove the front cover seal and vacuum out the debris from the smoke chamber, shelf, and firebox. We then clean up the whole area and remove tarps.


CLEANING - Wood-stove

Use of a wood stove requires regular attention to a few maintenance procedures; Proper cleaning of the chimney to remove creosote deposits, and regular inspection of the installation and handling of ashes. Stove pipe is subjected to high temperatures and will corrode in time. It must be checked periodically and replaced when it appears to be corroding beyond safe limits.

We cover work area in drop sheets, inspect appliance, certification, floor pad, and stove pipes. We go on roof, check for signs of deterioration and stability. We clean the Flue with the appropriate cleaning brushes and reinstall the chimney cap. We go back inside and clean the wood stove and remove any debris. We remove, clean, and inspect the stove pipes, then reinstall properly. We then clean up any remaining debris and remove drop sheets.



All inserts must have an approved stainless steel liner connected from the insert collar to the top of the flue, by code, in order to properly clean system.

We cover work area in drop sheets, inspect appliance, connections, clearances, and liner. We remove baffle and close door. There must be a stainless steel liner from appliance to top of chimney. We go to the roof and inspect the chimney, liner, and cap. We then use the appropriate brushes to clean the Flue. The cleaned liner is then inspected and cap is reinstall. The insert is then cleaned from the inside and all debris is removed. We reinstall the baffle, clean up any remaining debris and remove drop sheets.

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